Welcome to our series: NOTES

In this series we will publish your notes. Whether it’s a note to your mom, your husband, your father who died when you were 3 or the child you gave up for adoption or to the general public, we all have something we want to say to someone(s)-dead or alive and we need to say it.

The intent of this series is to showcase the many dynamics of our relationships with others. Sharing our hearts gives us a chance to relate to one another in new ways and helps us to see that underneath everything we’re all just human beings with thoughts, feelings, pains and joys.

Want to read all our published notes? Check them out here:


If you’d like to submit a note for sharing with the neighborhood, email your note to along with a photo of you and the person your note is written to. If an image isn’t appropriate, or you wish to remain anonymous feel free to state that clearly and we will gladly respect your privacy.

Notes will be published and edited for blog readability at the discretion of the site owners.

4 thoughts on “Notes

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