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Here in the neighborhood we love to swap stories. We love to talk over fences and in driveways. We love to sit on porches and decks and in front of the fire and share who we are with one another. We like to visit over a long cup of coffee and hear the words that someone else has to say. Because we love to share stories, we like to think the best story is the one you are about to tell.

We love to hear stories because we think the story you need to share might be story I need to hear to help set me free. Your story has the power to set someone else free. Our neighbors can relate. Maybe not to every detail, but we all have stories of success, stories of failure, stories of love and stories of sadness.

Our stories may be something that was really hard- and that is really hard for us to talk about. Or maybe the story is something that was really joyful. In sharing our stories, we share our souls. We share who we are at the core. The painful and wonderful stories we share will bring light and clarity to our own stories. We can say, “me too! I thought I was the only one!”

These are the stories from our neighborhood.


If you’d like to submit a story for sharing with the neighborhood, email your story to If wish to remain anonymous feel free to state that clearly and we will gladly respect your privacy.

Stories will be published and edited for blog readability at the discretion of the site owners.

Check out our stories here:

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